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Reflections on National Diabetes Month

Our President and CEO, Adam Graybill, took some time during National Diabetes Month to reflect on past innovations in diabetes and what’s to come on the road ahead…

I find it fitting that National Diabetes Month and Thanksgiving overlap.

Not that it’s likely many people are thankful to be affected by diabetes. But rather because Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect. Reflect on how far we have come. And reflect on how well-prepared we are for the road ahead. 

My personal path with diabetes goes back 20 years, right about the time the CGM got FDA approval. I’ve seen how a community of dedicated, driven people saw the potential in, not just using CGM on its own, but also in connecting CGMs with insulin pumps to make a more completely automated system for insulin delivery. 

It was people affected by diabetes, acting as their own strongest advocates, who drove the innovations that got us to the point where the FDA has now granted approval for Automated Insulin Delivery (AID). Some people still call it looping. 

Watching this happen only confirms my agreement with something Michael Jordan once said:

Some people want it to happen, some wish it could happen, others make it happen.

That being said, there is still plenty of work to be done in diabetes. 

We need to continue innovating so that we can provide more reliable predictive health screens, earlier diagnosis (especially when it comes to type 2 diabetes), and more precise, individualized treatment plans. We need to couple innovative technology with patient education, coaching, and support in ways that make daily diabetes care less burdensome and care innovations more easily accessible. 

Diabetes Innovation Timeline from 1921 through 2023

No one technological advancement or change in treatment standards can address all that needs to happen in diabetes. But each one of us can play a part by being thoughtful and committed to improving the world for people affected by diabetes. 

These days, I lead a company that offers people with diabetes hope for a healthier future. More than hope really, we’re offering people the ability to anticipate which path their health will take based on a current reading of their blood biomarkers. And we’re offering the opportunity to make changes now that will put them on a healthier path ahead. 

We’re not the only ones working on making tomorrow better. In fact, I believe we’re in the early days of massive innovation, not just in diabetes, but in all of healthcare. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. And, dare I say, I feel proud to play some small part in these innovations. 

But mostly I’m thankful for everyone in the not-so-small group of thoughtful, committed people who are making improvements happen in the lives and health of people affected by diabetes — a chronic condition that no one hopes to encounter on their journey through life. 

Welcome to the journey. The best is ahead.



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