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Introducing Journey Biosciences and NaviDKD: Preventing Diabetes-Related Kidney Complications


SEPTEMBER 30, 2021, CLEVELAND, OH / Journey Biosciences, Inc., a biotechnology company with an innovative predictive screening technology for high risk kidney complications associated with diabetes, today announced their company launch and introduction of their flagship product, NaviDKD®.

NaviDKD analyzes blood-based predictive biomarkers to determine an individual’s risk factor for developing high risk kidney complications associated with diabetes, including diabetes-related kidney disease (DKD). Combined with Journey Biosciences' proprietary Compass™ reporting platform, NaviDKD not only proactively identifies an individual’s risk factor, but also provides actionable insights to prevent and manage complications before they occur.

Image of NaviDKD screening box and Compass Report paper

"Currently, more than 34 million Americans have diabetes. 1 out of 3 will develop kidney disease," said Adam Graybill, Chief Executive Officer of Journey Biosciences. "Most will develop complications without outward signs or symptoms. That's where Journey Biosciences and NaviDKD screening can make a difference in how we treat diabetes, changing the conversation from reactive to proactive. NaviDKD helps proactively identify those risks so people with diabetes and their healthcare team can take action now."

Available to both health care professionals and people with diabetes, NaviDKD can be requested by visiting or consulting with your healthcare professional.


About Journey Biosciences

Journey Biosciences is shifting the future of care through predictive innovations. Our flagship solution blends the precision of NaviDKD®, a clinically-validated predictive screening, with the AI-driven insights of Compass, offering up to 12 years of advanced diabetes-related kidney disease (DKD) detection and tailored intervention strategies. This groundbreaking approach improves patient outcomes, optimizes resource allocation, and reduces costs. Discover more about our transformative approach at

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