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A Q+A With Our Founder

Our mission starts with, and wouldn’t be possible without, our Founder and Chief Scientific Officer: Paul J. Beisswenger, MD.

Dr. Beisswenger (or PJB as we call him) has dedicated his life to reducing the burden on people living with diabetes. He developed the technology for NaviDKD while working to understand why some of his patients developed diabetes-related complications while others, with the same glycemic control and risk factors, did not. After attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, he went to Harvard for his post-doctoral studies before ultimately joining the Dartmouth School of Medicine where he spent 38 years as a clinician, professor, and researcher.

Let’s get to know Dr. Beisswenger a little better.

Image of Dr. Paul J. Beisswenger

What made you want to become a clinician?

I felt becoming a clinician was the key way for me to understand what is needed to improve outcomes for my patients and those who love them.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

Being able to take my hypothesis on the cause of individual susceptibility to diabetic complications, receive grant funding from the NIH, JDRF, etc which allowed me to document my findings in multiple clinical outcome trials. I’ve been able to collaborate with smart, innovative, and fun people who have all enriched my life and amplified my career.

What drives you?

When I was a practicing endocrinologist, I would be very frustrated when my patients would develop complications, even after working really hard to maintain blood sugar control. This became a passion to create screening technologies that can make a real difference in my patients’ lives by predicting risk.

What inspires you?

My mentors who could translate science into real-world practice.

What do you like to do when you’re not focused on Journey Biosciences?

I’m a fan of boats. I used to enjoy cruising the coast of Maine in my wooden sloop and racing catboats.

What is the most significant clinical innovation you’ve seen over your career?

The treatments for diabetes and coronary artery disease and our ability to predict risk for complications when prevention is still possible. 

About Journey Biosciences

Journey Biosciences is shifting the future of care through predictive innovations. Our flagship solution blends the precision of NaviDKD®, a clinically-validated predictive screening, with the AI-driven insights of Compass, offering up to 12 years of advanced diabetes-related kidney disease (DKD) detection and tailored intervention strategies. This groundbreaking approach improves patient outcomes, optimizes resource allocation, and reduces costs. Discover more about our transformative approach at

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