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Journey Biosciences Named Finalist in Digital Health Hub Foundation’s Annual Awards

NaviDKD® and Compass recognized as innovative digital health solution for adults with diabetes

CLEVELAND, OH  //  Sep. 26, 2023 — Journey Biosciences, a digital health company, has been honored as a finalist for the Digital Health Awards, presented by the Digital Health Hub Foundation. Journey secured its "Rising Star" finalist status with its flagship diabetes solution, which combines the predictive NaviDKD screening with the AI-powered Compass digital platform. These innovative tools confront a challenging diabetes complication: kidney disease.

Journey Biosciences Rising Star Finalist BadgeThese awards showcase health technology companies transforming healthcare with cutting-edge digital health solutions. Journey Biosciences is revolutionizing diabetes care with its first solution addressing kidney disease and leading a systemic transition towards proactive, personalized healthcare. Their solutions empower health systems to improve patient outcomes and drive revenue by identifying at-risk populations and enabling early, preventative interventions.  

“Being selected as a finalist highlights our commitment to partnering with health systems, health plans, providers, and patients to change how diabetes complications are identified and managed,” said Journey Biosciences CEO Adam Graybill. “Our thanks to the Digital Health Hub Foundation for this recognition. This is truly an honor.”

The problem: 

  • Common: One in three people with diabetes develops kidney disease.
  • Asymptomatic: Usually silent, ~ 90% of patients are unaware they have kidney disease.
  • Costly: Over $40B is spent annually on diabetes-driven kidney disease in the US.  
  • The Solution: Early identification drives improved clinical and financial outcomes. One in three people with diabetes develops kidney disease. 

"This year's competition has been like nothing we have ever seen. We are very excited for our award show, where we will have the opportunity to celebrate those transforming the future of health!" stated Mark H. Goldstein, Chairman of the Digital Health Hub Foundation.

Mr. Graybill is scheduled to speak at the HLTH Conference as a part of the StartUp Health T1D Moonshot panel on Monday, October 9th, at 4 p.m PT. To learn more or to arrange a meeting with a Journey Biosciences team member, visit

About Digital Health Hub Foundation

Health Hub SF LLC, doing business as the Digital Health Hub Foundation, is a 501(c)3 non-profit supported by the healthcare venture capital community and others, whose mission is to help the world’s next best innovative healthcare companies scale and grow. Founded in 2017 on the campus of UCSF in San Francisco, our 30,000-member community consists of thousands of early-to-late-stage healthcare companies and highly qualified healthcare industry providers, payors, experts, mentors, investors, clinicians, and researchers who participate in our annual awards ceremony where we bring together the industry to honor and validate the best of the best and celebrate the technological advances in healthcare and the impact it has.

About Journey Biosciences

Journey Biosciences is shifting the future of care through predictive innovations. Our flagship solution blends the precision of NaviDKD®, a clinically-validated predictive screening, with the AI-driven insights of Compass, offering up to 12 years of advanced diabetes-related kidney disease (DKD) detection and tailored intervention strategies. This groundbreaking approach improves patient outcomes, optimizes resource allocation, and reduces costs. Discover more about our transformative approach at

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